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In the entrance passage there is a small neat “squint” window.

As we face the 18th century Pulpit, on the right is the Manse Pew where ministers’ families would sit during servces. On the wall is an exceptional Monument by Francis Chantery dating from 1833. It is a memorial to the Reverend Davd Wilkie and his wife, Isabella Lister, whose family lived at Pitlessie Mill. The low-relief busts were copied from portraits painted by their son, Sir Davd Wilkie R.A.

The large Window, with coloured surrounds, was made and gifted by Andrew Garland, a former Elder.

On the left of the pulpit, the wall Monument by Samuel Joseph shows a low-relief bust of Sir Davd Wilkie. This was gifted, along with the Clock, by the artist’s sister, Helen Wilkie.

The large Window, with coloured surrounds, was made and gifted by Andrew Garland, a former Elder.

Under the gallery, on the west wall, a strange contrast is seen in the old Baptismal Font of Greek craftsmanship brought back from Balaclava in the 19th century by the captain of a ship owned by Mr. Moon of Edenfield House, Springfield. The inscribed Fotheringham Grave Stone, beside the font, was found in the masonry of a disused chimney (for the kirk stove) when it was dismantled. The chimney had been on the west end of the kirk behind the staircase up to the belfry.

A Quilted Collage made by the pupils, parents and staff of Pitlessie Primary School in 1993 commemorates the bicentenary of the building.

The Communion Table is solid and plain, adding to the simple charm of the surrounding Box Pews and the 18th century Pulpit. At the foot of the pulpit is the Font, given to the Kirk by the widow of Rev. William Henry Porter when he died in 1953, and this is normally used for Baptisms at Cults.

Also on this wall is a memorial to Reverend J.R.Chrystal (1829-1879)

Turning to face the clock, with its inscription urging all to “Redeem the Time”, another two Wilkie family memorials can be seen on the north wall. On the right, Sir David’s brother, Captain John Wilkie, who died at Dinapore in 1824 is commemorated. Two of John’s sons are remembered on the left side.

This has a collection of photographs and other records of church history, including notable events in the recent past. These are a testimony to the special regard in which Cults Kirk is held. . Also in the Laird's Pew is a display illustrating the life of Sir David Wilkie.



Displayed in the gallery are life-size individual figures from Pitlessie Fair, reproduced by local artist, Maggie Lawrie

Those interested in genealogy may find the  folders in the Laird’s Pew helpful.  They contain, in alphabetical order,  photographs and  inscriptions found on available gravestones in the churchyard surrounding  Cults Kirk.